I love to scrap, then frame the page. It freezes that particular special moment in time.

There are so many snapshots in our lifetime. Sometimes when we are out as a family, and I do not have my camera, I close my eyes and take a snapshot with my mind. I call upon these "special snapshots" when I miss that particular time in my life. On those lucky days, when I have had my camera, I love to scrap that day, frame it and hang it up on the wall. Every so often, I take it down and replace it with another memory or a new adventure. I find such happiness and peace in placing my memories on paper...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My FIRST Vendor fair is fast approaching and I am READY! (I think?)  LOL

We have had a lot of craziness going on and yet we have still managed to get things done.  You know when you really, really, really, rely on something and it goes to heck just when you need it most?  Yup!  My computer keyboard went NUTS!  Double typing letters like it was possessed!  Thanks to my nephew, Dan, I will be all fixed today.  This dinosour I am using right now has served me well, but it can't do the magic I need right now. So, blah.blah, blah.....The Show Goes On!!!

I am hoping that I have chosen all the right things to bring with me.  I am sure there will be lessons learned. So, wish me luck!!!

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