I love to scrap, then frame the page. It freezes that particular special moment in time.

There are so many snapshots in our lifetime. Sometimes when we are out as a family, and I do not have my camera, I close my eyes and take a snapshot with my mind. I call upon these "special snapshots" when I miss that particular time in my life. On those lucky days, when I have had my camera, I love to scrap that day, frame it and hang it up on the wall. Every so often, I take it down and replace it with another memory or a new adventure. I find such happiness and peace in placing my memories on paper...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Frame for Mom...

This lovely lady was my mother. Wasn't she a beauty?! I have been trying to alter some frames for an upcoming show and was struggling terribly trying to find a design that I liked. I had been trying to make this against all the things I like. I know many people don't like things that look "antique." Well, I don't have a contemporary eye for anything. If its not tattered, it's not for me! Once I got over the fact that I the only way I could make these frames was the way I know how to do best- distress them! LOL Once I started, took no time at all! It is lovely, but then again, I had a great subject to work with! The frame is 11x14, Mat is 8x10, photo 4x6. The paper is from gcd studios- Splendor Collection. Enjoy! And remember.... MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

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